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Project 1:
Customer wanted a Southwestern feel in this room. A slightly random stained white Portland mix was used to create a Limestone appearance to the Fireplace assembly.Wall Creations provided all plaster work and cabinetry throughout the room. See interior photos for more detail.
Project 2:
Bar top was poured in place on customers existing cabinet. Surface was diamond polished then sealed and waxed.
Project 3:
Customer provided photos were used in the design of the molds for this Fireplace assembly and Hearth. A mixture of white Portland, ground Quartz and beach sand combined with titanium brown was used. A mild vibration during the pour produced the desired Travertine look.
Project 4:
Back Splash tiled with hand made Mexican Tiles.
Project 5:
One piece countertop and sink cast in concrete.
Project 6:
This is part of a complete renovation.
Electrical, Plumbing, Plaster, Floor refinishing and Interior and Exterior painting.
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